(DMLS) is latest technology for manufacturing dental crown and bridges. This system uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) data to fabricate the desired frame by selectively sintering the alloy powder layer by layer. This machine uses special based alloy, which is highly bio-compatible. It offers a high tensile strength of 1350mpa and has an excellent bonding strength.

DMLS PFM is a PFM material. Before further reading you should visit link PFM (Porcelain fused metal) crown and bridge, to know basic detail, advantages and disadvantages of any PFM restoration.


Advantages of DLMS Crown And Bridge

DMLS crowns and bridges are made of a particle size of 3–14 μm. This combined with very fine point laser (0.1 mm) results in a density of 99.9 %, resulting in stronger copings. The densely sintered crowns have practically no voids. The process results in highly accurate, well detailed restorations. Marginal fitting is excellent with the restoration possessing consistent quality and strength. DLMS is a clean alternative to casting.


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