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We at DG Digital Dental Lab, based in Mumbai, India, are full service and well equipped dental lab specializing in providing finest dental products and services. We believe in producing quality prosthodontic and dental cosmetic products in schedule time.
You have reached the right place. Besides having a Strong presence in India, we are Internationally a renowned dental laboratory for delivering quality products in scheduled time. We are biggest player in India accepting the dental lab work. Our infrastructure are set up to meet the bulk requirements.
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Devendra G Jadhav

Devendra G Jadhav


Devendra Gopal Jadhav, otherwise known as Deva has been working in the dental field for the past 31 years. Having such an incredibly strong experience background has resulted in him interacting with almost 10000 dentists, if not more, over the years. All of this amassed experience has made him an impeccable expert with extensive experience in both technical knowledge as well as marketing in the dental field. One of his main achievements over the years is the opening of his own dental lab named D.G. Dental Lab.

Devendra Jadhav

Established on the 13th of December 2020, D.G. Dental Lab is a technologically advanced lab with almost 80% of its work being done digitally. D.G. Dental Lab hopes to digitilize the rest of the work in the near future and is working towards that goal. High quality and timely service being the motto of this lab has ensured top notch production of dental products. This lab has been providing quality service for the past 3 years. A wide range of products have been manufactured by exceptionally experienced and well skilled technicians here at the Mumbai outlet.
With an administration team to overlook the constant flow of the work and to ensure it is done abiding time, keeping note of the process and procedures has become easy and has helped in their development a whole lot. Using top quality dental materials, D.G Dental Lab guarantees the quality of the product. They assure you to trust them wholeheartedly not only now but as well as in the coming future.

Gaurav D Jadhav

Managing Director

Shailesh Gadhigaonkar

Lab Manager

Deepak Pachkude

Assistant Lab Manager

Rakesh Teli

CAD/CAM Specialist

Amit Jadhav

(QA/QC)Quality Control Manager

Jaywant P Patkar


Kiran K Bhagde

Implant technician
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