DG premium Zirconia is a highly translucent zirconium oxide which combines high mechanical characteristics with outstanding esthetics. It’s strength is over 1400 MPa.

DG Solid

A leader in monolithic restorations, by presenting an overall system which is not only target-oriented and ready for the future but designed to benefit dental technicians, clinicians and patients alike. This simple system is beautiful and strong, and sets major standards in dental technology. We are proud to say Solid Zirconia is an efficient pointer towards its sustainable future



  • ldeal for bruxors who have destroyed their natural teeth or previous dental restoration
  • Highly aesthetic restorative material with translucency and color
  • similar to natural teeth
  • Average flexural strength of 1550 MPa
  • Solid Zirconia is a world-class innovation in all-ceramic prosthesis
  • Most-modern CAD/CAM techniques used
  • WThe substructure in tooth-colour gives it a beautiful form factor and natural performance
  • Solid Zirconia crowns have higher translucency than all its peers.
  • while staying super strong
  • The substructures come in alluring fluorescent shades, 7-effect shades and over 40 vivid, warm and natural variants(all
  • VITA shades are available)
  • Gifted with natural translucency, Zirconia is a perfect marginal fit.

Thanks to precision CAD/CAM design and manufacturing
15 years warranty.


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